What’s style? One of countless opinions.

As it was mentioned in other articles like this, most of the authors agreed that style has nothing to do with fashion. And that’s true, i have to admit that. However “Style” was always sorted “sobriquets” like “Dandy” or “Preppy” and even “B-Boy” i guess, and etc.

But the thing that was missing is, that style, is like a person and character – pretty much unique. I can say as many people there are,as many “styles” we can see. On the other hand there is sense of taste. And i would say that precisely  sense of taste makes 99% of a good looking, socially acceptable and unique style. You would say “Well i know that color of my belt must match the color of my shoes, i got sense of taste” And yea,sure i must agree here with in some point..But i’d also say that knowing color combinations is not enough to say that you got sense of taste. I mean, there are so much more important details.  Do you know the right length your tie should be? It must reach exactly the top of your belt. Or that the sleeves of the shirt must bulge on 1-2 cm from your jacket. And lots of other.. Well the idea is that “style” may be independent from fashion, personal, unique,  but the  thing that you should do is to “Make it smart, Make it with taste”

 P.S from author “Less is more” 

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